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Why Failing in the Home Based Business Industry

You see failing in the home-based business industry is not all bad.

We can learn more from our failures than from our successes, it’s just about asking the right questions. Like where did I go wrong? What could I do differently next time? What do I need to improve? etc..and then of course taking corrective action.

After all doing the same thing and expecting different results is total madness.

Even when you are what others define as ‘successful’ in the home-based business industry you will still fail, in different ways and will simply then ask different questions to discover the solution.

…we are all human after all.:-)

Plus you were not born knowing how to be successful in the home based business industry anymore than you were born knowing how to drive a car.

Before I had any sort of success story online, I realised I needed to develop the mindset and the specific skills needed to be successful in the home based business industry…

Like, excellent communication skills both written and verbal…

Like, mastering a few forms of advertising and doing them on a daily, consistent basis…

Like, mastering how to create my own lead generation systems…

Like, how to build a list and what to do once you have that list….

Like, improving ME as a person so I would be the kind of person that people would want to follow and on and on it goes… because I realised being average online does not cut it.

This is a brutal truth.

And partly why 97{02e07666ad61f6d7ade078d9ce385bb6caa327bc8318358682d2b21a1e9b9f68} are failing in the home-based business industry.

If you truly want to be highly successful online you have to become MORE than your average Koala bear.

You MUST at some point in your online career, make the decision that you will become MORE THAN AVERAGE and every day work towards developing the mindset, improving your skill set plus raising your ENERGY so that you attract rather than repel.

Is the Home Based Business Industry

WOW! After watching a few of the Rocky movies this weekend on TBS, I couldn’t help but notice how the home based business industry is eerily like some of the Rocky movies. Let’s look at some of the similarities.

We all know Rocky’s story. Here is an underdog fighter looking to be one of the best boxer’s of all time. The odds are stacked against him in almost every fight.

He’s undersized, he’s doesn’t really have a lot of the boxing skills or knowledge to be successful. But the one thing he has…is HEART!!

And the one’s that have HEART and dedication in this industry are the ones who become successful regardless of the skill and knowledge they have when they start.

Now my favorite correlation is actually a quote from Rocky’s wife, Adrian, in the 4th Rocky Movie. It’s when she and Rocky have the conversation for the 1st time after he decides to fight the Russian. She is at the top of the stairs in their house and says: “You’ve heard what they’ve all said, you’ve read the newspapers, It’s SUICIDE….YOU CAN’T WIN!!

That Always gives me the goosbumps. Here’s someone that Rocky is close to and his own wife doesn’t have the confidence in him to accomplish what most people feel is the IMPOSSIBLE.

This happens a lot in the network marketing and home based business industry. Even close friends and family think it’s impossible to succeed by taking our lives into our own hands and becoming our own boss by starting our own business.

Now, how I take it, was Rocky was only going to prove himself right, not prove others wrong. This was just another challenge he will have to overcome. Here is a point that I want to make when people start a home business. They have been told by so many ‘NOT to do this’ or they “can’t do this, they’ll get killed and lose their money”. Then the newly home business owner sets out to prove them WRONG!!

This is not the way to go about things. Always believe in YOUR beliefs about yourself and not what others believe. This is what Rocky believed. When people ultimately fail is when they start believing in the beliefs of the “nay sayers” and abandon their own beliefs.

He could have easily listened to what EVERYONE said and backed down from the challenge, but didn’t.

Rocky also gets out of his comfort zone by going to Russia to fight the Russian. Remember what Uncle Pauly said? “Are you nuts?”

I love this because he gets our of his comfort zone and still has the focus and determination under his disadvantageous conditions. This industry can leave us in VERY uncomfortable situations and only the strong will find the way to “win.”

I also loved that Rocky didn’t have the “tools” to train with that he had in the states. No fancy equipment, No punching bag, no sparring partner. He found a way to train to win with what he was given.
Sometimes in the home business industry we may lack some of the tools too. But the ones that find a way, end up winning!

Rocky went into the ring with what most people believed to have No shot of winning. We see Rocky get knocked down many times in the match. But what does he keep doing? He keeps getting up EVERYTIME he falls.

He does this so much that he starts winning over the Russian crowd! I love this too because it shows that others will see your determination and dedication to get what you really want, not just in business, but also in life! This is just the beginning to lead others that you have influenced with your hard work.

In conclusion, we all have our “giants” we have to face in order to accomplish something. We will have our “nay sayers” trying to come in between us and what we want. We will fall down. We may look like we are “down for the count”.
But are you going to keep getting up, when no ones believes that you can get up when beaten down so may times?

This will be the biggest challenge in your life but also the most rewarding!

How to Distinguish Yourself in the Home Business

When you consider the number of home businesses that are springing up today, you might wonder how you will ever distinguish yourself among the competition. With the rapid migration from traditional business to the home business venue, it would be very easy to get lost in the crowd and never turn a profit in your business. While it is true that there are a lot of home businesses springing up all around the world, it may be easier than you think to make your mark in the industry and realize great success with your home business.

Today people are looking for integrity in business more than anything else. They are looking for decent people to do business with who will deliver what they need and expect. If you learn how to treat people and demand quality service and products in your business, then you will stand-out in an industry where scams and schemes come and go on daily in the world of business. Distinguish yourself through your integrity and you will always have the opportunity to serve people and earn a better than average income through your business.

In addition to that brief sketch of how to distinguish yourself in the home business industry, here is a list that should serve as a guideline to building a business that will stand out in a crowd.

Be a Real Person, Not a Salesman
People are usually a little skeptical when they do business online. They have not seen you, they know nothing about you, but they know that people get scammed on the internet every day. Hence it is your job to go the extra mile to show them who you are. You want to come across as a real person who cares about their needs. An active blog or a thriving Face Book account can go a long way in presenting you as the person that you really are. Post real life pictures and videos on your sight along with relevant information that they will need to know about your business. This type of presentation allows people to see you as a real person and not some sort of bot.

Always Deliver
Give people their money’s worth and then some. You must deliver what you said you would on the website or the advertisement that drew them in, in the first place. If you over-deliver, then you will create a satisfied customer who keeps coming back and refers other customers to your site.
Be There for Their Problems

Do not disappear after the sale has been made or the service delivered. Keep a healthy channel of communication open to troubleshoot their needs. Answer their questions promptly. Don’t give them cause to suffer with buyer’s remorse.

Add to the Value
Your goal in gaining a customer for your home business is to create a customer who keeps coming back and one who will refer others to your business. Make a habit of creating quality content and sending it out by email, webinars, or weekly phone presentations. When they hear from you on a regular basis, they will begin to distinguish you as a real person who cares about their success.
In conclusion if you do these things they will go a long way in distinguishing you as a reputable business owner who goes above and beyond what is expected to provide a quality product and create a satisfied customer. Here’s to your success!

The Home Business Industry

The home business industry is drenched with opportunities for people to start making money and owning there future. I mean literally you can start earning income today in any MLM/Internet marketing business on the Internet, The only thing you need is a email address a bank account and a pay pal account. But you know as well as I know that there has to be conniving catch to something that sound so simple.

Well of course there is, and what I said above is what many MLM sponsors will say to you just to lure you in there trap. If you are looking for something better, Seeking shelter in this thunderstorm of an economy, And you are serious about starting a home based business, Then welcome home aspiring leader because we’ve been waiting for you.

Now often times when people join this industry and they have made up their minds about devoting there lives to the success of there businesses, are sometimes called insane. If you’re reading this article and this has happened to you then I want to personally say that its okay, Most people never understand the feeling that you and I are feeling, The passion and potential that you can see in your opportunity and hence is the reason why 97 {02e07666ad61f6d7ade078d9ce385bb6caa327bc8318358682d2b21a1e9b9f68} of people fail miserably in this industry.

To be successful in anything you do first has to start with a vision, With out a vision you’re just a person with a blindfold on placing your hands on what you think feels good. Entrepreneurs with a vision are often time aware of what it takes to become successful. And at times has to display extreme amounts of fortitude and pain to achieve success but ill just say it feels bitter sweet when your actually there because you worked for it and you earned it so its rightfully yours.

What differentiates successful rich people from regular people is our minds and they we think and the way we see things. The first step you need to take in order to become successful is to take a leap of faith. Decide today that you are going be rich, Set goals and consistently work at them everyday. Make your goals achievable, Don’t say I’m going to buy a house and then two seconds later you make a huge “Gulp” sound. Make your goals achievable get into the habit of setting goals and achieving them.

If you’re at a job and you still believe in the folk tale that you can climb the corporate ladder to one day becoming the “CEO”,Then the second thing you should know is that you’re never going to get rich working hourly for someone else. You’re never going to learn how to become rich trading time for money making other people rich.

One of the most terrifying but true part of corporate world is that 98{02e07666ad61f6d7ade078d9ce385bb6caa327bc8318358682d2b21a1e9b9f68} of people retire dead or die broke by age 65 and only 2{02e07666ad61f6d7ade078d9ce385bb6caa327bc8318358682d2b21a1e9b9f68} of people in this country retire wealthy? Do you have any clue about what 98{02e07666ad61f6d7ade078d9ce385bb6caa327bc8318358682d2b21a1e9b9f68} of our country are doing?

They’re doing the same thing everyone was taught growing up, The same thing you’re most likely doing right now working at a dead end job. Do you remember being told in order to be successful in life you must go to school and get a degree and then graduate and get yourself a good job then get married, and spend the next 40 years of your life working in your specially made cubical? We were all expected to buy this lie and were taught to believe it’s”The American Dream. But you and I both know that it’s actually not true.

The American dream is obtained by working for yourself. That’s right I said it! you have to create your own path to the land of prosperity. The home base business and direct sales industry is perfect place to start. Their platform thrives on amateur entrepreneurs and self made millionaires. People in this industry are creating wealth from the comfort of there home, They set their own schedules because they work when they want. They cant travel wherever they want, and last but not least spend more time with their family and friends.

Think about it picture yourself waking up every morning to a few extra thousand dollars in your PayPal or account? Imagine being having the luxury to travel anywhere you want in the world with out having financial chains hold you down, imagine having free time with your beloved family to relax and not have to worry about another a day in your existing life? These imaginations are very possible just focus your brain cells on your business and never give up, and pretty soon the bank teller will be your best friend.

The Internet Business Industry

This is because the internet business industry has so many opportunities for hopefuls like you perhaps, which are in need of some quick cash. However, you do not need to be in debt or in financial difficulties to jump into the internet business industry, because you can also jump into it for other different reasons. For example like making a full time income online, or becoming a millionaire, but that is not really the best intention to have at first. OK now having said that, the online business industry offers opportunities for you in the sense of generating cash, income for you. The reason why so many hopefuls start to jump into this industry to overcome their financial difficulties through making money online is because it is rather fairly easy.

The goal for a newcomer into this industry for making money online is to make at least $1 a day. Because you are using the internet, you will be literally selling whatever you are selling to people worldwide. To start to unlock this key to your financial difficulties, all you have to do is join a website called Clickbank. It is an affiliate website, where many internet marketers place their products. Once you sign up you will be able to sell those products for free at no cost whatsoever, and you will get paid commissions’ from Clickbank every time you make sale. OK having said that, now all you have to do to realise that the internet business industry is the key to your financial difficulties, so find a product on Clickbank, any digital product, there a many from many different categories, and see if you can sell them. Use your initiatives to try to sell them, via Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and many more.