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Show the World Your Head’s More than a Hat Rack

When you think about all the people who will be hitting the malls this year in search of the proverbial perfect gift, remember the old saying about using your head for more than a hat rack.  What that old saying means is you must think a problem through, and consider all the angles so that you can come up with the best solution to it.  If you’re not using your smarts, and really taxing your brain, your head is nothing more than something to sit a hat on.  No one wants to be thought of in that way.  But if that hat is a stylish cap from LIDS, it might not be so bad.  That’s because there are hats and caps at LIDS that look so good you won’t have to say a word – you good taste will speak for you.  

When you wear a cap from their new NFL Salute to Service line, you’re saying this is how you choose to honor the veterans who’ve served our country so admirably.  In this collection, you’ll find your team’s logo on jerseys, caps and other gear with just enough camo to let those who fought to keep us free know you appreciate their service.  With Veterans Day just days away, that says a lot.

When you wear the new Golden State Warriors’ Rings 9Fifty gear, you acknowledge the outstanding athleticism and phenomenal teamwork that went into that championship season that had us all on the edge of our seats.  And if you want to give a shout out to Stephen Curry they’ve got the jersey for that, too.

Most of all, when you use a money saving Groupon coupon code to save money on your next purchase, you’re telling the world that you’re a savvy shopper.  You can save as much as 50{02e07666ad61f6d7ade078d9ce385bb6caa327bc8318358682d2b21a1e9b9f68} off select merchandise, and even more on exclusive deals and offers.  They have codes that will take as much as 50{02e07666ad61f6d7ade078d9ce385bb6caa327bc8318358682d2b21a1e9b9f68} off NBA and NFL merchandise, and MLB hats starting at just $5.   With deals like these in the works, it’s no wonder that LIDS has been a leading manufacturer of team apparel for men and women for over 20 years.   So use your head for more than a hat rack this season.  Show how smart you can be by shopping LIDS with Groupon.