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What is a tax lawyer? How the tax lawyer helps you to overcome any tax related situation?

The topic of tax evasion was huge media hype. Prominent personalities have been charged and punished for this incisive offense. Furthermore, these cases have also shown that a self- report can actually have mitigating effect. In these situations a lawyer specializing in tax law can advise you.


Income tax, sales tax, trade tax or inheritance tax and many taxes affect your living conditions. They are accompanied by questions about the deduction of various amounts such as the mileage allowance which can be written off in the tax return.The tax law governs primarily all rights and obligations arising from the tax relationship between citizen and state. Rules can be found in the Basic Law as well as in the Tax Code, the Valuation Law and the various individual tax laws with which a specialist lawyer deals.

What does a tax lawyer do?

A lawyer specializing in tax law can work both as a lawyer and as a tax consultant. In their consulting work, theyare advisable to their clients, especially if you want to start a business and are not yet familiar with the practice of trade tax. However, individuals may also contact the tax audit Edmonton on personal tax audit matters. They will always want to get the best results for you, especially when it comes to tax returns with the tax return. In the field of taxes, the lawyers of the firm mainly deal with the following topics,

·         Strategic advice in tax law

·         Preparation and help with the tax declaration

·         Legal tips on tax for freelancers

·         Support in matters of tax criminal law

·         Tax advice for start-ups and tax evasion

·         Creating financial statements and accounting

·         Clarification of inheritance tax and gift tax

·         Taxes on real estate

Conclusion: the legal matters

Of course, the lawyer represents their clients in tax law before the court, such as the Federal Finance Court or before the tax office. As a lawyer for tax criminal law, a specialist lawyer will assist you in the case of tax evasion during the preliminary investigation. During the tax investigation, they will advise you which defense is most effective. It does not matter if you are accused or just a witness. Also in the search and in case of imprisonment, the tax criminal defender stands by your side.If a lawyer wants to become a certified lawyer, then they have to fulfill a few conditions first. For three years, the future tax lawyer must have been admitted to the bar and six years as a lawyer before applying for the title of specialist attorney. In addition, a specialist lawyer’s course in tax law amounting to 160 hours must be taken to award the specialist attorney title, at the end of which three examinations have to be written.