How To Succeed In The Home Based Business

I know how hard it can be to finally get a break and find a legitimate home based business opportunity and during my 10 months of working online about 2 or 3 of them were taken up searching for a business to get involved with. In this short article I am going to tell you how I managed to pull myself together and battle on to be the best I can in the home business industry.

I first started off by looking into the paid survey niche and found myself with less money than I started with after being fooled by a fake cash for survey site. I paid like $50 for a list of free to join survey sites which I could have just found myself and that’s when I knew this wasn’t going to be as easy as what I was originally thinking it would be.

Never the less I battled on and moved on to Google AdSense which is when Google allows you to display relevant ads on your blog or Website and you will actually get paid each time someone clicks on an ad. That was fantastic! Not! I found myself working 10 hours a day trying to drive traffic to my Website for only a few clicks each day which barely even made me a dollar so I soon got fed up of that.

The next thing I came across was mailing and typing from home and I found a very interesting site called a1 mailing and typing services and they were offering $1 for every single envelope I mailed. Looking back now I can see that it has big fat scam written all over it but at that time I was new to the Internet and just couldn’t get my head round the fact that people were taking money from those who most clearly needed it. I stormed right in and paid my $60 membership fee and never heard from them again.

The next few months after that I struggled trying to find some way to make money online and find success in the home based business industry by trying things like paid to click Website’s and gambling systems which all totally failed with no questions asked.